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Come join us for a wonderful worship experience! Make new friends, gain a family and grow in your walk, intimacy and knowledge of God!
Welcome to the FAMILY of God!
  • Saturday Sabbath Services
  • Bible Study and Discipleship
  • Cross-Cultural Missions Training
  • Five Fold Ministry Training and Ordination
  • Ministry to and for the WHOLE Family
  • Worship Arts and Ministering Arts Training
"ONE Experience with God will change your life.... FOREVER!"

-Dr. Lyrica Joy Smith, Apostle

Earn your ONLINE ACCREDITED Biblical Degree with us!

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Join us for meaningful fellowship and intimate worship encounters!

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Monthly Community Gatherings and Foreign and Domestic Missions!

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5 Fold Ministry Equipping and Training
Worship and Fellowship
Missions and Outreach
"Into ALL the WORLD, ALL the GOSPEL, With ALL our HEART!"

        -Our Mission, The GREAT COMMISSION!
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We seek to do ministry work that demonstrates the Kingdom of God and The Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. What is on the Father’s heart is what we will do. As co-laborers and joint heirs with Christ, we will do that which we saw him do and that which he has commanded of us. 

Family Ministry – Ministering to the whole man, woman and child
Worship & Worship Arts – Developing the Tabernacle that’s within
School of Intercession – Developing the Temple within
School of the Prophets – Developing discernment and temperance
The Seven Feasts of the LORD & Quarterly Shabbat Meals
Celebrating Sabbath – Saturday Worship
Regular Missions Trips – Foreign and Domestic
Networking for Effective Outreach - Reaching across denominational barriers
New Family Classes- The basics and foundations of  our faith
Discipleship Classes – From Convert to Co-Laborer
Children’s Ministry - To build stong Kingdom minded children
Youth Ministry - Celebrating the energy and zeal of the youth in Christ!
Young Adult Ministry - High School and College ages learning how to share Christ with the NATIONS!
Hospitality – Across the street and around the world!
Kingdom Financial Management – Empowering people to be great stewards and increase through development.

Enjoy the DAILY Word of God!
for the ARTS!
School of Theology

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